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Bringing the parent-physician community closer

In today’s networked era, the ‘online’ is the new community space – replacing extended families and communities. Technological advancements have ensured that search engines offer you answers or links to varied kinds of information at the click of a mouse. The internet is the new genie of the Virtual Magic Lamp, offering instant insights. The world has thus shrunk, into what has become, in a now trite phrase, a ‘Global Village’.


Indira Child Care, the clinic, anchored by Dr. Priya Chandrashekar- M.B, D.N.B (PAED)., M.N.A.M.S. ( P.G.D.A.P.) in Mandaveli, Chennai, seeks to bring the parent-physician community closer using this virtual platform. This website is thus a space for all – parents-to-be, new parents and those with older children, as well as those in the medical fraternity – offering everyone a shared platform for interaction. What the extended family was to parents, the virtual community will seek to be.


It’s not just information on childcare, paediatric medicine, FAQs… but more. Our blog space offers you a forum to share your experiences in parenting, creating a space for discussion and information dissemination. Sharing, as they say, lightens and enlightens. Stressed and unsure parents will surely find resonance here – and we hope this website will create markers for better and happier child rearing.




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Parenting tips and information including expert parenting advice for each age and stage in your child’s development… click here




What do you do in an emergency? Links to how to handle emergency situations involving your child at home and outside


Vaccination Schedules


Which vaccines does your child need to receive and when? Use this immunization schedule as a handy reference


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