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The Teen

My 16 year old refuses to eat carbohydrates because she wants to remain slim.Is this ok for her ? Her weight seems to be in the normal range.

It is not ok to completely eliminate carbohydrates totally.The brain needs glucose in its own form for various activities.The importance of eating breakfast,harmful effects of eating a lopsided diet should be patiently explained to your daughter,and exercise should be encouraged to burn away all the unwanted calories.She should be taught to eat the right carbs and avoid junk food.

My child is always crying and screaming even in front of guests to get my attention. Is this is what they call the attention seeking syndrome and how to tackle this?

This is not attention deficit disorder,but yes it is a means to get your attention.It is important to spend time with your child and find out what is disturbing the child.Make sure that he or she understands the full implications of their actions.Help them to correct their obnoxious behavior by being understanding,firm and supportive.

I have a 9 year old girl.In what way can I delay her getting her period?

Girls usually start menstruating at around the same age as their mother/grandmother did.In addition,environmental factors such as increased weight,thyroid imbalances can hasten the onset of periods.Make sure that your child is not overweight and that she does regular physical activity.This may help in the onset of periods at the expected age for that child.

Disclaimer : *The doctor’s advice is of generic nature only. For specific diagnosis and treatment, kindly contact your paediatrician.

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