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Special Kids

My child has been diagnosed to have Down’s syndrome. Can you give us tips on..

a) Handling his/her situation on a daily basis

These children must be thoroughly examined and any co-existent heart conditions,hypothyroidism (which they are prone for),should be detected and treated with appropriate medications and/or surgical interventions.Thyroid testing should be done at frequent intervals to make sure that the mental and physical growth are not compromised

b) Daily diet intake

Some of these children are prone for cow milk protein allergy which can be detected by early screening.If present,soya milk can be substituted instead.

c) Contacts like NGOs and parent support groups and other support groups for the condition if any in the city and in India ?

There are local support centres available across India,and the child must be taken to the nearest centre,and started on Early interventional therapy.This can enable the child to have better mobility and help attain milestones faster.The child should be taught to be independent and look after his/her needs like eating,keeping themselves clean,avoid any unwanted touch by strangers etc

e) I heard that some schools are proactive and actually take in kids with learning disabilities etc. Is it worthwhile to give it a shot and will the child’s condition see greater improvement if he/she is put in a mainstream learning environment?

Yes,it would be worthwhile to put the child in a mainstream school as this helps in improved overall development for the special child.It also teaches other children empathy and makes them treat these children in a kinder manner.

Disclaimer : *The doctor’s advice is of generic nature only. For specific diagnosis and treatment, kindly contact your paediatrician.

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