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Pre Term

Should I do ROP screening for my baby?

Preterm babies less than 36 weeks must definitely screened for any early retinopathy that may be developing, and laser correction must be done if necessary

What other precautions should i take?

The baby should be fed at frequent intervals with weight checks at adequate intervals to make sure that the baby is growing well. Urination of at least 10 times a day, baby sleeping for at least an hour between feeds all indicate that the baby is healthy. The centile chart should be marked for height and weight, and it should be ascertained that growth is along the expected curve.

Why should we keep our baby wrapped up even during the daytime?

Since preterm babies can’t keep themselves warm,they should be kept wrapped up well .They may be prone for hypothermia (decreased temperature), leading to a multitude of infections

Disclaimer : *The doctor’s advice is of generic nature only. For specific diagnosis and treatment, kindly contact your paediatrician.

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