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My kid loves instant noodles, chocolates, instant idli variants, packaged juices. Is it safe to give those ? How often ? (as some of these processed foods are packed with preservatives)

Preservatives are not good for health,and the child should be exposed to more natural foods rather than those with preservatives. However it is ok to let the child indulge in instant noodles etc once in a while.

How much of TV viewing is permissible everyday and what kind of programmes should the child be allowed to watch ?

Too much of TV/computer watching from a very early age delays speech. It is ok to allow smaller children to watch TV for about half hour and older children upto 1 hour per day. The content of the programmes the child watches should be always reviewed;violent movies must be avoided. Children tend to relate the scenes on TV to be real, and may follow the sequences watched. This may become dangerous for the child in certain circumstances.

Are battery operated toys useless in terms of child development ?

Some of the battery operated toys are quite stimulating for the baby and can be used.

There are too many toys in the toy store these days and some of them are very expensive. Which toy categories are best for a growing child in terms of their brain and physical development ?

Toys must be chosen according to the appropriate developmental requirement and need not necessarily be expensive. Care must be taken to see that lead containing paints have not been used, and that the toys are not bulky, and don’t have sharp edges.

We have missed our first / second / third / fourth / fifth vaccination deadline. Do we have to rush immediately to the doctor?

Vaccinations are planned and given at certain ages ,and are for life threatening illnesses. It is of utmost importance to vaccinate babies at given dates and appropriately. However, please vaccinate at the earliest even if you’ve missed some of the earlier dates.

We are planning our first holiday after child birth. What are the do’s and don’ts with respect to our child who is a little over a year old. Any medicines that we should pack that can come in handy ?

Always plan ahead for holidays as regards to the medications for the child. Ascertain the weather of the place to be visited, and take suitable clothes for the child. Make sure that the child swallows when the flight takes off and lands to make sure that the ears don’t hurt for the baby. Always carry Paracetamol (in the recommended dose according to weight), and certain medications like cold and cough syrups or inhalers that the child may require.

My Child is a known wheezer. I’m worried about what I should do if he gets an attack at the middle of the night?

If your child starts off with a wheezing attack, initially try to give 2-3 doses of inhaler / nebulizer. If there is still no respite and your child continues to cough or is breathless, please take him to the hospital emergency for further management. Don’t try to feed the child when he is breathless, as he can choke on the food.

What food do I give during diarrhoea?

Please avoid cows milk and substitute with Soya milk or non-lactose formulae. Give rice kanji, sago porridge, Bengal gram porridge etc. Give electrolyte rehydrating solutions to replace loses. Don’t force food and make sure your child is passing sufficient urine and continues to have a decent food intake in spite of diarrhoea.

My 3 year old child turns away on seeing food. He prefers to drink milk instead ?

It is important to restrict milk intakes (milk products too) to about 600 ml per day. Keep offering healthy version of regular food and do not substitute with milk. Treat any anaemia infestations. Be patient and your child will start eating.

Why is my 2.5 years old getting recurrent coughs and colds?

The commonest reason at this age is because of playschool/daycare, especially the air conditioned ones. A/c helps in spreading the colds between children in a closed environment. Alternatively your child may be anaemic or allergic. It is important to get to the basic problem instead of symptomatically treating each episode.

What should I do when my child has high fever?

Fever is a reaction of the body while fighting microorganisms like bacteria or viruses etc. Keep a calm head and don;t get perturbed. It is good to keep your child in a cool room with light clothing. Administer fever reducing medication as prescribed by your doctor in prescribed interval only. Keep a basin of room temperature water dip a towel in it, and wipe your child down till the fever decreases.

Disclaimer : *The doctor’s advice is of generic nature only. For specific diagnosis and treatment, kindly contact your paediatrician.

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