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Will my adopted child’s immunity be lower than other biologically born children?

There is a possibility that there can be slightly lowered immunity as compared to other children.But genetics is not the be all and end all.It is also important to find out if there is any underlying reason for the lowered immunity (such as anemia,etc) which can be easily corrected.

Does adoption have to be done legally only?

Yes,please do not give in to any temptation to take short cuts;It has to be done through a legitimate legal agency only.

My adopted 1 year old son seems to be below the 5th centile in weight.should I be concerned?

It is important to plot the serial growth measurements of the child in relation to height and weight on a centile chart.If the curve has been consistent,it means the child is growing fairly ok. An in-depth nutritional analysis ,along with a blood workup may be necessary to correct the deficit and bring your child up the centile chart.


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