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Myths & Realities

What is the grace period for speech and motor milestoneslike sitting, walking etc, and what kind of internal and external stimulus do I go in for in case of a delay ?

There is a developmental chart provided which gives the range between which a specific milestone should be achieved. If there’s a delay beyond this range, then the paediatrician should be consulted and appropriate interventions should be done to correct the delay.

My child is over weight. What foods should he/she be strictly kept off ?

It is first necessary to plot on a growth chart,the height and weight to ascertain the percentile at which your child’s growing. The diet should be planned in such a way that that healthier options are given, and junk food is totally cut. The child should be spoken to and made to understand the adverse health problems like diabetes, hypertension etc that follow obesity on its trail. Exercise should be introduced in a non-threatening manner and must be made part of the child’s daily routine.

Should I always keep some medicine in my bag as a standby in case the allergy flares up ?

It is imperative to keep the child’s inhaler or anti allergic medicine always in handy, especially for these highly allergy prone children.

My kids is allergic to certain foods. What precautions should we take when we are going out to eat like in someone’s place (birthday party, restuarant etc) or even while travelling ?

When you know that your child is allergic to certain types of foods like nuts,milk etc,it is important for you to ascertain the ingredients of the food that is being served.Even if the host thinks that you’re being fussy,it is better to err on the side of being safe rather than being sorry!

My mother says that bathing with baby soap should be avoided as they have chemicals and instead I should make a besan paste and bathe the child with that even for the head bath. Is she right?

Besan with turmeric paste has been in vogue from ancient times, and is quite harmless for bathing the baby. A plain glycerine soap is equally effective.

My mother says that I should avoid putting slippers on the child till he is one year as he will start standing/walking better when he is barefoot. Is that so ?

The arch of the feet and the various tendons and ligaments are stretched into position when the child runs around with bare feet. Slippers and shoes can be put on for the baby in colder climates and when the baby’s walking outside on the road etc.

Is it true that the child’s hair should not be combed till the first head shave ?

The baby’s anterior fontanelle or soft spot closes completely by about 1 and a half years,so people probably used to be scared that they would injure it, so would not probably comb the hair. It is absolutely safe to comb the baby’s hair with a soft brush or a fine toothed comb.

My mother says that hard lentils like channa, rajma should be avoided till the child turn two ? Is that correct ?

Lentils after pressure cooking, become very soft-they are very high in their protein content, and must definitely be part of the baby’s diet when weaning is started.

My grand mother says that infants should not be given potatoes till one year as that leads to gas formation in their stomach ? Is that true ?

It is important to start exposing the baby to different types of vegetables from the 6th month onwards. Potatoes do not cause any harmful effects;on the other hand in fact, is a very rich source of carbohydrate!

Disclaimer : *The doctor’s advice is of generic nature only. For specific diagnosis and treatment, kindly contact your paediatrician.

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